Sell on the Swell Market

Get discovered. Grow your presence. Gain access to natural and organic consumers.

How it works

  • Pure, safe, and green products

    We're looking for products that match our values: concern for safety, authenticity, personal fulfillment, holistic health, and social conscience, to name a few. Products don't have to check every box, but offering a better product is paramount.
    • Pure; unconditionally natural, free of harmful ingredients, clean. 
    • Safe; rigorously tested, and labeled for transparency and health.
    • Green; protecting our families and the environment from toxins.

  • Simplified pricing plans

    Know exactly what you're paying and what you're paying for. With simple pricing and straight forward fees, we'll get you set up quickly and back to growing your business. No hidden fees, variable closing fees, categorical premium fees, administrative fees, or high volume listing fees. Tiered pricing allows you to pay for only the features and services you need; upgrade only when you outgrow your current plan.

    Every vendor plan includes the following essential features:
    • Homepage feature eligibility - we select and spotlight brands based on their performance for special features. We also make recommendations periodically based on our team's favorite products.
    • Social media blasts - we'll help spread your message, and get your product in front of the people that are looking for it. That means multiple channels, platforms, and media to find the best fit and help you find new customers.
    • Automated messaging - system and customer notifications, reviews, and comments to stay connected and engaged.
  • Loyal customer synergy

    Helping our customers discover new and innovative products is at the core of what we do. And that's why vetting our sellers is so critical; earning the trust of our customers enables them to shop with confidence. Our sellers enjoy unlimited customer loyalty by becoming a part of the Swell Market community.

    Swell Market Sellers:
    • verify the safety of their products
    • disclose all ingredients on the label
    • adhere to marketing and labeling requirements and regulations
    • develop and follow good manufacturing processes
    • commit to having their products tested by third parties
  • Dedicated support

    Our team has extensive experience with each of the product categories in the marketplace. Sellers will partner with a dedicated team member for on-boarding, listing, and marketing; our goal is to support your growth and we do that by optimizing your listings and featuring your products in our marketing efforts to ensure consistent brand messaging.
  • Custom subdomain and storefront

    Make it easier for customers to find you! Sellers will have the option to optimize their store's URL by creating Swell Market subdomains. These SEO enhanced stores will also feature the Swell Market's UI and SSL interfaces, creating another opportunity to give customers confidence in their buying experience.

Select a selling plan.

Choose the plan that best fits your brand (you can upgrade plans at any time, too).
Once your vendor account has been approved, you will be charged for that plan. Prospective sellers are expected to review our list of prohibited ingredients prior to applying for a seller account.
Products containing any of these ingredients will not be approved for sale on the Swell Market.

*Additional credit card processing fees apply to sales on the Swell Market.
The commission of the sale (excluding shipping) is based on the chosen seller plan,
and the remaining proceeds go directly to the seller (minus payment processing fees).

  • Core


    10 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 10%

    Ideal for brands with smaller product catalogs.

  • Best choice


    $4.99/ Month

    Unlimited products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 8%

    Vendor microstore

    Sellers will have a dedicated microstore and seo-friendly subdomain for their brand and products, increased marketplace exposure, and increased product features (homepage, blog etc).

  • Exclusive

    Free/ Month

    Unlimited products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 5%

    Vendor microstore

    For products that cannot be found anywhere else. We welcome collaborations, unique product line extensions, and one-of-a-kind creations. Enjoy lower transaction fees for only selling with us.